Or as the case may be…moving on down. Charlene and I are moving from our current apartment to a smaller, one bedroom place for four months. Our landlords told us last weekend that they’re expecting, and that they’d like to start renovating our apartment in September in order to prepare for the baby in November (they’re due November 6th). Fearing delays, or even worse, an early delivery…Char and I decided that we’d get out of dodge. I’d rather look for an apartment for four or five months than need one for two weeks.

So, we put out the call, and Charlene’s friend Joanna has kindly offered us her basement apartment. We’ll put most of our stuff in storage, and live with just the essentials for the next few months.

I started sorting stuff this weekend, figuring out what I could sell, what I could chuck, what I need to live with, and what I need to store.

There’s gonna be a HUGE yard sale in late May at our place!