Yup, they’re doing it again. Despite the fact that record sales are up. Despite the fact that Avril Lavigne’s recent album shipped 3 million copies in its first week (despite the new buying practices of the record store industry), and despite the fact that people are overwhelmingly supporting pay-for-music services like Napster, iTunes, and PressPlay…the RIAA is now concerned about digital radio.News flash RIAA, the reason you were “in trouble” (although there rages a debate about how much the recording industry has suffered from the advent of filetrading), was because you weren’t giving consumers what they wanted, online distribution. Now you have, so quit pissing us (your consumers) off with your stupid lawsuits and nonsensical appeals to congress to have them help your poor starving souls.

In other words, quit your friggin’ whining, and get back to making music.