Char and I are fully moved, we’re permitted, stored, and unpacked (well except for a couple of boxes of “essential books”…i.e. web stuff). Today’s delivery by of Web Standards Solutions and Pottery Barn Storage Solutions officially makes us residents of 74 Cedarvale Ave.The move went fairly smoothly on Friday, we hired movers from El Cheapo Movers, they moved a few things to our new apartment, and we loaded up for the storage place, where they packed the storage place up for me, and fit everything into our 10 x 10 storage space. We went back to the old apartment, loaded the last few straggling items, cleaned the place, and handed over the keys. The only thing left for me to pick up is my bike, and then it will all be gone.

The new place is not too bad, we’ve got the whole basement to ourselves, and there’s enough room for my computer set-up (which was the first thing unpacked), our TV, bed, and a bunch of shelving. Other than the whack of moving bruises, and a couple of smacks on my head from the low clearance ceiling, things are well here.

Now I just need to get the HeadsDown website finished up, and complete my work on the new…all the while grading the mid-term exam from my class. Nothing to it!