This was a pretty productive weekend. On Friday night, I went out for dinner with Donnie “Freak Daddy” Abreu, and we talked about his new wrasslin’ project “The Wrestling Wrap”, which will debut on ONTV in late September. I’m going to be a guest on a couple of shows as a member of the “round table”, so I’ll be making my TV debut soon! That should be fun. We were talking about segment ideas, and ideas for his website and that kind of stuff.I went back to TSN and fixed the encoder a little more, then went to Char’s to feed the pig and watch some Smackdown.

Saturday morning I watched a new show called “Moolah Island” on Fox, and then went downtown to look for gifts for the guys in my wedding party. I got a great deal on what I was looking for, and managed to find exactly what I wanted. I’m about half way there, but I think it’s the coolest gift ever. I still have to figure out what to get Char, and I need to find something for Joachim (our MC/Usher) and Dennis (our other Usher). I went over to Char’s (she had just gotten back from her stagette), and we went to the mall. At the mall, I got a call from Lucas who said there was a problem with sound in one of the encoders, so I went over to CTV (we were at Scarborough Town Centre), and had to go back to the mall to get a couple of pieces, and then went all the way back to the office again, and finally hooked everything up. Then Char and I went to her place, and ran over to the Beaches Theatre to see RockStar (which was pretty good).

Today we went downtown, I picked up $80.00 worth of stuff for TSN, and then went grocery shopping. Joachim and I are going to have Rib Night in Canada soon, and I’m looking forward to using the new Clubhouse Rub on our ribs.

I’m going to try to do some work on the Wedding Site tonight, and get the guestbook up and running. I’m also going to play around with a new Tales From The Darkside layout. Hopefully I can come up with something solid soon. I’m not sure what I’ll have besides this page, but I’d like to do an art page, maybe a page on comics, and maybe even a rant page. Not positive yet, but it will be fun.