Thanks to some last minute negotiation, we went to Spider-Man 2 last night. I thought it was better than the first, a lot of fun, quite true to the comics, and peppered with little geek cameos (Bruce Campbell, Ted Rami, Stan Lee, all good stuff). There was plenty of fodder for a sequel, including Harry’s discovery of his father’s Green Goblin cache, and some ominous foreshadowing of Dr. Curt Conners. Doctor Octopus was awesome, and the arms were downright creepy. The Mary Jane/Peter Parker relationship was really ratcheted up a notch, and a whole ton of folks now know Peter’s secret identity, which is keeping in spirit with the Ultimate universe (which the movie continuity should really play off of).All in all, I enjoyed it. Now for the results of the negotiation. I’ve agreed to go to Centre Island tomorrow. It could be worse. I could be forced to watch The English Patient while sipping Shirley Temple’s.