I remember reading about Sandy Collera about eight years ago in an Airbrush Action magazine, when he was talking about a project he was working on called “Guardians of Atlantis”.Last year his short film “Batman: Dead End” stole the show at San Diego Comic-con. This year he wasn’t allowed to show the trailer he’s created for “World’s Finest” featuring Batman and Superman.

However, of course, the trailer’s made it’s way around and is now on TheForce.net. The acting’s a little hokey, but the two guys in tights have NAILED the look of Batman and Superman. I’m actually a little dissapointed now that Christopher Nolan has gone for the “armoured bat-suit” look in “Batman Begins” (the trailer is out now by the way), after having seen the spandex suit done right in daylight. Spider-Man has proven that you can actually have a spandex suit, and not make it look ridiculous.