My TiVo is crippled, it is basically just a digital VCR, it doesn’t do any of the really cool things that a real TiVo will do, like TiVo recomendations, proper TV listings, etc. What it does do though is record TV perfectly. The user interface is perfect. Everything it does, it does well.Boing Boing has an article up titled: I hate this digital video recorder: Scientific-Atlanta Explorer 8000 on how much superior the TiVo is to the Scientific-Atlanta Explorer 8000 (which I believe Rogers provides as their DVR). TiVo just got it right. Why can’t everyone just license the technology from TiVo?

TiVo for their part hasn’t bothered to move into Canada yet. Why not? Good question, I decided to ask that very Q on the Tivo community forums.

The sad thing is that poor TiVo will eventually go under, and it will go on the pile of tech that “almost was” along with the Beta VCR and the Laser Disc.