You are reading this page on the proper URL. That’s right, is finally alive and well. I’ve been meaning to change over to this server for almost a year, a recent e-mail reminder from Network Solutions that my domain is about to expire inspired me to actually do something with this domain (it was sort of a “do I kill it or do I use it?” decision).While checking out whether or not I had an RSS feed going (and I do, it’s at, I decided to make the changes necessary.

It took a grand total of an hour to move, publish, and then fix all the broken images on Chronicology. So there you go, is now the permanent home of the site formerly known as Tales from the Darkside.

I’ll also be launching a new blog this week which is entirely work related. This one will detail anything that I find online that I feel I should follow up on later. It could be a cool thing about CSS, or a sweet computer system that needs looking into. It will be over at “Darkside’s Work Blog“, coming soon to a web browser near you.