Through no fault of my own, I have been named to the X-Wars Moderators Voting list. I didn’t ask for this honour, but I figured since folks nominated me, I’d better let them know what my platform. What follows is “Darkside’s Official Campaign Platform”

Darkside’s Official Campaign Platform

Since I’ve been nominated for the position of Moderator (I had no idea, honestly, I didn’t pursue this nomination…it just happened, I’m feeling a little like Jesse the Body Ventura here), I thought I should put forth my official campaign platform. That way the grand total of 0 people who have voted for me (and thanks go out to the none of you who have voted thusly so far…good job folks) will know exactly what it is they are getting with their votes.

Darkside’s Official Campaign Platform V.01 (to be radically changed once I am voted into office in grand American Pollitical style…what do you mean Medicare reforms? It’s reformed plenty! We need tax breaks for the rich right now!).

I hereby solemnly swear to rant my ass off, to rant with rhyme and reason, and to rant when I care. I fully expect that said rants will be ignored, and that people will just go about doing what they want to because I fully understand that there will be no repercussions for those who disobey a moderator, and that the moderation of this list will just lead to further anarchy. I am fully aware that this is a list without rules…except those rules which are set out by those duly elected representitives of certain cliques, and that said rules are subject to interpretation and whim.

I fully understand that as a “moderator” I will have no power, no say, and will essentially be a puppet fixed in place to look good so it can look like something good came out of the last six months of ranting and raving that the list is dying. I realize that much like life, this list is like an idiot, full of sound and fury, yet signifying nothing (as quoted by the Bard).

I promise to do be the best damn “moderator” that I possibly can, and will solemnly swear to do as much nothing as is humanly possible. As a matter of fact, I can guarentee right now that if I am voted in as a “moderator”, I will do the least of all moderators, and if I find any “moderator” doing less than I, I shall spur them into action, and make them moderate with such reckless abandon that the heavens will shake with their moderation!

My qualifications speak for themsleves, I have let the wrestling website sputter away into obscurity, I have had a hand in the demise of the Muse Awakening Newsletter, my own website “Tales from the Darkside” has not been updated since January of 1999, and GenXfans (the mailing list for the comic book Generation X, which I helped to rule with an iron fist once) is all but dead. I have been away from this list for a couple of years, but please don’t forget the half completed characters, RP’s, and mailing lists that I’ve contributed to this list over the years!

Now that my hat is officially in the ring, and my platform is out there, let the groundswell continue! I’d like to see a doubling of my current voting turnout by midnight tonight! Let’s get that bad boy doubled from 0 to 00!


Brian Garside

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Movie of the week: A.I. Artificial Intelligence

Game of the week: NBA STREET for the PS2

Best Comic of the Week: It was a great week, but I’ll have to go with The Authority

Website of the week: Mojo Radio (they finally got enough streams to actually listen to it at work!)