Life is pretty much back to normal. We spent last weekend painting our new bedroom (getting rid of the stupid ivy that was painted onto the walls), and generally straightening stuff up. On Monday night I went out and picked us up a new TV and Stereo, which I set up on Tuesday, and which still needs to be tweaked. Wednesday was comic night of course, and we went for a nice little walk, and last night Char and I saw a play called Picasso at the Lapin Agile which was written by Steve Martin. It was awesome. Tonight we’re going to stay in, and play with our new AV setup, and this weekend we’ll spend some more time organizing.

With a return to normal life, there’s a return to the weekly “list”.

Album Du Jour: The Tea Party

DVD of the week: Shrek, a great DVD with an entire disc of extras.

Movie of the week: Monsters Inc. It was an all animated week this week!

Game of the week: I’ve been playing with Windows XP, but not much in the way of games.

Website of the week: The Wayback Machine