We’ve got Oceans’ Eleven on the 7th, Vanilla Sky on the 14th, Spy Game (by Tony Scott) is in theatres now. Made (which I missed in theatres) is out on DVD right now, The Coen’s new movie, The Man Who Wasn’t There, is in wider release, and the biggie…Lord of the Rings coming on December 19th. Never mind that Ali starts on Christmas, or that there’s about a dozen movies between now and February that look great.Not Another Teen Movie looks hilarious, The Royal Tennenbaums looks great, The Majestic could earn Jim Carrey his Oscar, A Beautiful Mind will be an Oscar Contender, and Black Hawk Down is Ridley Scott’s latest movie. How can any one of those films be bad (well except for Not Another Teen Movie).

In the world of Comics we’ve got The Dark Knight Strikes Again coming out this Friday…and if no other comic came out this year, I think I’d be happy.

But we’ve also got SSX Tricky out for the PS2, as well as Legends of Wrestling, and the new James Bond game…not to mention Metal Gear Solid 2 (which is one of the best games I’ve ever played…better even than Half Life).

And that says nothing for the fact that the best CD’s of the year always come out at Christmas!

In totally ME news, my first TSNMAX MagEzine article on Todd McFarlane’s toy success “Canadian spawns sports toys” was published to TSNMAX today. It got some good reviews in the huzzouse, and Reed did a terrific job of editing the story and making it tighter than it originally was. He put a lot of work into it for sure. Still, I’m pretty proud of that bad boy. It’s a good read, especially if you’re interested in Action Figures like I am.