Well, certain people who shall remain nameless (but who were the best man at my wedding) say that this site isn’t dark enough. They want a full on descent into madness.

Well tough beans! This is my random ramblin’s. It’s whatever’s buggin’ me, whatever’s on my mind, whatever I’m doin’.

I will tell you this though…I’m making plans baby. Big plans. Huge plans. Ground shaking, earth shattering, life altering directional plans. My new year’s resolution this year will be to do something that’s all mine. My days of making other people money are at an end. It’s time that I stood up and put my money where my mouth is. If I’m as talented as I think I am, and as valuable a commodity as I keep marketing myself as, then it’s time to stand up and do something with it. I’m writing down my tricks and tips for making streaming media viable for everyone from the one-man start up to the uuber network, and I’m going to put them together into a book. That’s stage one. Stage two is taking that info out into the real world and turning it into a buisness. Not just streaming though, web design, application development, Flash development, video, ASP…everything I know.

I posted a small little teaser to HeadsDown a year ago, it said “Change is coming”.

It’s time I live up to that teaser.

Album Du Jour: I picked up the Barenaked Ladies Greatest Hits volume 1. I’ve never bought a BNL album before, so this was a pretty good idea. They are one of those bands who’s songs I’ve always liked on the radio, but who’s albums I’ve never picked up.

DVD of the week: Made. John Favreu and Vince Vaughn reprise (sort of) their roles from Swingers. Not as clever as Swingers, but it wasn’t bad.

Movie of the week: Watch this space for a review of Oceans’ 11

Game of the week: SSX Tricky demo for the PS2

Website of the week: Mojo Radio. Talk radio for guys. I listen to this all day at work. Don’t ask me why…it’s what I do.

Comic of the Week: Dark Knight Strikes Again. 15 years in the making. Did it live up to the hype? Nope, not really, but it’s got potential. 80 pages, thirteen bucks. That’s a lotta coin, but it was a pretty good read. A close second was The Authority, which was on a four month hiatus, and will end in three more issues. This is the one comic that I’m gonna really miss.