It just gets better! ActiveSync Pass Through Connection with PocketPC 2002

Not only can I now use my Pocket PC wirelessly in any room in my house at blistering 1 meg speeds. Not only does my web connection not require any third party programs/apps to connect to the internet now since I have a wireless hub, but now I have figured out how to use my Pocket PC in the cradle at work to surf the internet. Why is this a good thing? The wireless hub doesn’t want to work here at work, so I’ve been looking for another solution to see stuff I’m doing on the web from work. With PocketPC 2002, it’s easy as pie!

I managed to get the aircard working on my iPAQ yesterday, and it was so easy. I just went to the Samsung website, grabbed the software, and installed it…in less than five minutes from the time I started the search, I was online and surfing on my Pocket PC.

Now if I could just find a good cgi based message board for HeadsDown, all would be good.