tsn.ca: Wrestling My first wrestling column since returning to TSN.ca is “Don’t Call It A Comeback”, and it deals with Mr. Perfect and Goldust’s returns to the WWF. I’m going to start making it a weekly occurance, but I want to deal with the lighter side of wrestling by kind of poking fun at it, and having a good time about some of the more ridiculous aspects. I’ll throw in a liberal dose of pop-culture references, and suddenly it will become the talk of the wrestling world. Just you wait.

I’ve been laying the foundation for the revamp of Tales From The Darkside for this Friday. I should have everything finished by either tonight or tomorrow, and I’ll be able to launch it early Thursday night. The new design is pretty cool, and pretty flexible, and will have lots of space for my other obsessions (Movies, Comics, and what have you). This page will still be the main hype page, but all of the others will have a much narrower focus.

Should be fun!