Loads of good stuff this weekend.

On Friday night we watched Canada lose to the evil Swedes, went out and saw In The Bedroom at the Eglinton Town Centre (after figuring out our RRSP stuff earlier in the night), and then went home.

Saturday afternoon I read some comics, helped organize the apartment, before meeting up with Tim for a coffee at Starbucks while Char, Nikki, and Tiffany went to IKEA. We then met up with Joachim, Jeff, Tiff, Char, and Nikki for some Thai food at the Urban Bistro down the street from us. We all went back to our place for some fondue, and tea…it was a lovely night.

Today Char and I went out and bought new shoes, I picked up some CDR’s and a new version of QuickTax, and then we came home to do laundry. I figured out not only how to rip to DiVx today, but also how to burn a VCD, which was way cool! I burned the musical Buffy for posterity’s sake (and because I already had a great quality file that I spent the better part of a day downloading a few weeks ago), and then started figuring out what I need to burn to disc on this computer.

We leave for California in two weeks, and ideally two weeks after that I’d like to start building the new PC…so I’d love to have this one ready for dissassembly by then.

Before I go, here’s a little “Best Of” list:

Comic of the week: The Authority #28 (Check out the review on “Comics from the Darkside“)

Movie of the week: In The Bedroom (Check out the review on “Movies from the Darkside“)

Album of the week: No Doubt-Rock Steady

Website of the week: VCDHelp.com an awesome resource for help with creating your own Video CD’s that are playable on any DVD player (except for a PS2 of course).