My eye’s all twitchy and stuff. It’s been five days since we returned to Toronto, and all I’ve been doing is catching up. Catching up on work, catching up on reading, catching up on e-mail, catching up on TV, and catching up on regular every day (not going out to restraunts for two meals a day) life.

And of course my eye’s all twitchy.

I’m in the process of writing our little memoirs of our vacation on the Brian and Charlene page, we did a whole ton of fun stuff, and had a great time in Cali.

Back here in T-Dot, I’m swamped with all sorts of “Morph” stuff for and TSNMAX, and at the same time WrestleMania is in Toronto this week, so there’s a ton of cool wrestling related stuff that I’m working on for the site.

I’m going to update the Comics and Movies pages later this week, and by the end of the month there should be a nice little step-by-step guide to building a PC on this site after I create my new computer (which I’m going to pick up this week).

In my TV catching up, I’ve been checking out the last few weeks’ worth of Buffy and Angel (which I am way behind on), and it looks like they’re both finally getting on track. Buffy is finally developing a direction out of the morass of ambiguity that the season has been. Angel is getting really dark, with Wesley becoming really weird and kinda creepy. It’s strange, but other than Buffy, Angel, Friends and Survivor, I don’t really watch much TV…and most of the stuff I watch is taped, so I can see it in almost half the time that I would normally take to watch it. I used to watch The West Wing, ER, and FarScape, but Farscape disappeared, West Wing kind of lost me, and ER just hasn’t been that interesting.