This week I picked up my new motherboard, a KT3 Ultra. I’ve been basing everything on buying the MSI K7T266a, because I didn’t think I’d be able to find the KT3 at retail for another few months since it was only officially released at the end of February. However, on Friday before Axxess, I popped in to Canada Computers, saw that they had the K7T266a for $193, and checked out a new store called PC Periphrials. They are the only store I’ve seen with the KT3, so I picked it up. However since I hadn’t read enough on RAM and stuff like that for the KT3, I figured I’d hold off on buying the processor and ram until I figure out a little more. So I’ve read most of the manual (which is really well written), placed everything in my case by eye, and am almost ready to commit to my processor (an AMD 1700+ XP) and some RAM, my only confusion is do I go with the 266, or the 333? I can only find one type of 333, and it’s the same price as the 266…but I don’t know the company, so I don’t know how good it will be.

The worst part about all of this is how long my computer could be out of commision for…it could be a very scary process indeed!

Tonight is WrestleMania at the Skydome. Joachim, Jeff and I are going to the Paramount to watch the show, which means we’ll get to see it with commentary and the like. Should be way fun. Hopefully a lot more fun than Axxess was ($40.00 to go and stand in lines to possibly see wrestlers…wooo, what fun that was! At least we got to see Funaki and The Hurricane wrestle a short match, and got to listen to William Regal berate the crowd a bit).