Why you should care about XML

This is a great article on Flash MX and XML. I finally “get” XML and why I should be using it for everything from making toast in the morning to that last cup of coffee at night. Never again will I wander the streets saying “Why oh why should I be using XML???”.

As you’ve probably noticed, I have slacked on my Blog since I returned from California. I wish I could say that it’s because I’m so relaxed that I don’t get around to it nearly enough…but that just ain’t the case.

Having fallen out of the habit for a week, it’s getting harder to get back in the habit. I’m gonna try though.

My new computer is fully operational now, and I finally settled on a naming convention for it. Since it’s my first “primarily business” computer that I’ve ever built, I’m calling it “HeadOne”, and it will be used mostly to do video editing and web design.

I just finished installing the last of my software, and can do some really cool stuff with this computer.

Of course the big test is, “How well does it play Unreal Tournament”? Good question, glad you asked. I will endeavour to find out in the very near future and report back here toot sweet. In the meantime I’m going to play with Premier and After Effects to make some cool video stuff. As soon as I get something neat done, I’ll post it here somewhere so y’all can check it out.

Something I haven’t done lately, a Best Of;

Comic of the week: Flash 184

Movie of the week: We went and saw Ice Age last week. Hilarious. Very very funny.

Website of the week: Sony Classical I’m on a bit of a Flash kick lately having gone to the Flash MX demo last week, and this is definately a kick butt product! Very cool indeed.