I’m working on a Stinky Monkey’s web page for our rec softball league, which should be up by the end of this weekend. Some of the stuff I want to do with this page are, a Flash scrolling ticker along the bottom of the frame with our latest scores, and a Flash main area that I’ll be able to turn into a scrolling gallery, or a video presentation depending on what we’re doing.

I designed the layout last night, and I want to refine it a little bit over the next couple of days.

I’ve been playing a lot of Freedom Force lately, and it’s really cool. I want to start designing skins for my own team.

Album Du Jour: Big Shiny Tunes 6

DVD of the week: We rented Rat Race and Ginger Snaps last week, both kind of sucked.

Game of the week: Freedom Force! It’s superheroes and strategy. What more could one ask for?

Website of the week: MyFreedomForce.net the web site for the game.

Comic of the week Powers. I don’t know what more I can say abou this comic, but just when you’re getting ready for the ride they’re taking you on, they change the route. It’s amazing.