I decided to give my former employers the gears regarding the recent delay of the Clerks 10th anniversary DVD set;

I’m just writing to express my annoyance at how slow it’s taken to get the Clerks 10th Anniversary DVD up here in Canada. This is a product which was released to our neighbours in the south nearly a month ago, and yet we’ve still yet to see it.

The latest release date is for this coming Tuesday, but I don’t hold out much hope for that since it was supposed to come out September 26th originally (not to mention the fact that Alliance/Atlantis USUALLY releases movies day and date with their American release dates).

I had expected to pick it up when I went to the store for Star Wars, but it wasn’t in, and I figured it had sold out. I recently learned that “packaging delays” had delayed the DVD another two weeks.

I’ve heard rumours that more and more movies will be released staggered like this. If this is true, let me be the first to congratulate you on a brand new brilliant marketing strategy. Rather than piggy-backing off the much larger budgets of the American distributors, you have decided to figure out your own marketing. I’m sure that will be wonderfully cost effective, and won’t at all lead to a fragmentation of the market place.

Hopefully you’ve heard of “The Internet”, and realize that people have choices and can buy things online from American distributors sometimes cheaper than we can get product here in Canada.

I’m not really expecting a reply, that would be a miracle. Just please release the DVD on Tuesday, and don’t do this nonsense again. A few rabid Kevin Smith fans are one thing, but if you do this stupidity during the Christmas season with the extended edition of Lord of the Rings, you’ll really feel it in your collective pocketbooks.