It's been a pretty busy week with a ton of things on my plate. I'm settling into my new role at InfoTech, which while challenging, is also incredibly exciting. I had agreed to do the IT “Getting to know you” video for the company after last month's video presentation…and it turned out to be a pretty last minute affair due to squeezing our move in during the time frame of the video, but it was a success.

We had a great idea, and broke down what we wanted to do in 5 segments. Opening, comedy, development cycle, process, and closing comments.

The actual writing of the script was a pretty loose affair. We kind of wrote bullet points, and my talented performers did all the magic. We shot it over about 2 hours total in 2 sessions (1 day for a bunch of stuff, a 2nd day for some pick-ups that I realized I needed, and to get the rest of the content done).

I edited a bit of it on Sunday night for about 2 hours, but on Monday night I started around 8pm and set my computer for a final render at 4:30 in the morning. Of course as always happens in the morning I found out I needed to do some minor tweaks so I re-rendered (which takes about 30 minutes on a 5 minute video at DVD quality). Then I made all my requisite back-ups and headed off to work.

It was shown yesterday at the company meeting, and it got a pretty good response. Today I had a few emails and hallway comments which were all incredibly flattering.

My favourite part of the video is the “Hinterland Who's Who” segment which is a parody on the Hinterland Who's Who's that were put out in the late 70's early 80's.

I've never tried this before, so it might completely fail…but here's the Hinterland Who's Who portion for fun. Let me know what you think.