So Ryan recently pointed out to me how lax I've been in updating my site of late. It's sad when he's posted 8 times in the time since my last post. There's no good reason for it either. I'm busy of course, but not busier than normal. I've got a couple of projects on the go, but nothing huge that's monopolizing all of my time. I'm actually in a little bit of a rut with a lot of big things on the horizon, but nothing big happening right now.

Let's go down the list shall we?
Ryan McFadden – October 20th he's set as his date to release his latest short story. So October 20th is now the date that I'll be launching his new e-store/website which will allow him to publish his stories through an e-store, which will in turn build him a mailing list, which he will use to cultivate a market, which will then make him a published author.

All New Comics – A couple of fairly major updates are on the horizon, I'm thinking about ways of tweaking the site and maybe doing a major update in the new year. We need to come up with a major marketing plan, because we've hit a little bit of a plateau, but it's a good plateau right now (the trick is to rise above these plateaus and move on). – Firing on all cylinders. I actually spend a lot of time managing projects lately, and I'm very busy doing that.

HeadsDown – has hit a plateau, but it's a “where do we go from here” plateau. It's a good question, and one that both Ryan and I need to consider. I know where I'd like to go, but it's kind of a 5 year plan, and I don't think that much of it's in his 5 year plan. Maybe if “The Plan” comes to fruition I can start getting back into coding and just work on this full time.

Kaylin – Non stop fun. She's a blast all the time, but she doesn't require THAT much effort. The one thing I'm having a hard time with is figuring out when to do certain things. I don't like making a lot of noise in the office when she's sleeping because she's in the room next to the office. I don't like working in the garage when she's sleeping because it's right under her, so that leaves the main floor or the basement.

Then there's “The Plan”. I'd talk about that here…but then what would tease you into coming back? Check back later in the week and I'll discuss some of “The Plan” here.