A List Apart 5.0A List Apart – For people who make websites, is one of my favourite resources on the internerds for web usability stuff.  I own all of the A Book Apart books, and I’ve always loved their websites.

They just did a total redesign, and posted a great summary of the process.  I always love reading these because redesigning is a fun process to me, and it’s cool to see how other people do it.

Check out A List Apart 5.0  The little walk down memory lane is awesome, it’s cool to see the different versions of the site so far, and seeing that they went ahead and launched without fixing all of the finicky little things.

To launch on time, we have knowingly held off on finessing certain details and (like you do) decided to suppress a few niceties until after the relaunch. If you spot a quirk in the UX logic, an inconsistency in the design hierarchy, or a curious flaw in the CSS, we are probably working on it.

Nice work Mr. Zeldman and friends!