James Cameron's Avatar

A while back I posted a bunch of videos from Red Letter Media which comprised a 70 minute review of The Phantom Menace.  He’s back with an 18 minute review of Avatar, and while his quick wit, and strange-sub narrative are present in these videos as well, the review itself misses the mark in a few places.

I really enjoyed Avatar as I said in my earlier review, but I don’t think it will hold up over time. The effects will begin to age, and the 3D will either be eclipsed, or become trite, but right here, right now, Avatar is a terrific movie.

Still, these reviews are pretty fun.


Webster’s dictionary defines appetizer as: “A short Avatar review before the Attack of the Clones review is complete”. Also, please visit my webzone www.redlettermedia.com – join the fun?


Paaaaart Two of my Avatar review! I didn’t hate this movie. I just didn’t really like it a lot. I think James Cameron is a great filmmaker and I’ve liked a lot of his movies, but this one was just a little too simplistic plot wise. It worked with Titanic for some reason, but this one not so much? Good times though…