Last night we went over to Ryan and Kari's for dinner. Kaylin got to play with her friends Paige and Cordy, and much fun was had by all. Char left around 8, I left around 8:30, and by the time I got home at 9, Kaylin was bathed and enjoying storytime but still full of beans.

Charlene put Kaylin to bed and went out for some groceries. I plunked down in front of the TV with my laptop, and started to do some work. About 30 minutes later, Kaylin, still full of beans, was calling for “momma”. I went up to her room and it was crazy hot.

I told her that we could go to mommy and daddy's room because it was a bit cooler, and get the sillies out (this usually involves me shaking her hands, feet, knees, and finally elbows, which gets rid of all the sillies and allows her to go to sleep). We de-sillied her, and rested down. About 15 minutes later she was deep breathing, and I thought “now would be a good time to take her to her crib”. Next thing I know, it's 10:20, and Charlene is taking Kaylin to her crib. At that point the bed was so comfortable, and it's been so long since I've gone to bed early…and hey, I can get up in the morning to finish up the work I need to do right? Yeah, sure, that's what I'll do (the truth is I plan this a lot and never do manage to get up early in the morning to do the work).

5:30am, the sun wasn't even out yet, I woke up, thought about going back to bed, but instead decided I needed to start my day. I went downstairs, popped open my laptop, and proceeded to get stuff done.

It was two of the more productive hours I've had recently, and by the time I got into work, I was already more ahead of the day than I've been in months.

…all because the mouse was full of beans.