Here I am starting Week 3 at InfoTech. Our house has been on the market for 20 days, we've had one agent's open house and seven or eight individual showings. So far nobody's made an offer, but everyone is telling us that this is very positive as nobody's looking at houses right now (what with it being like a week before Christmas and all), but that things will pick up in January. I'm currently driving to and from London once a week and sleeping at my parents place 2 nights a week.

My first week was really tough, and I didn't know if I'd be able to pick up enough to keep my head above water, but something happened over my first weekend, and I had a series of epiphanies. By the following Monday I was able to figure a ton of stuff out. Today, a week after that, I have a good grasp on what I'm doing, and I'm starting to make plans for the future (which is what I do), I see a path, and I'm starting to build a plan to get us to the plan. At some point last week I also started making a concerted effort to talk about “us” when I'm referring to Infotech, and using TSN in the past tense…which was really hard.

The driving is the part that sucks the most. Driving to London is about 2 hours each way, which isn't that much different than the hour driving commute, or hour downtown Go Train trip. Thank god for my iPod. When I'm in London the commute is about 10 minutes, which is totally sweet. I can leave my house at quarter after eight, and still make it to work five minutes early.

The most frustrating thing right now is the waiting. We're waiting for our house to sell, to take over the new house, and waiting to start this new chapter in our lives.