I'm a web guy, it's what I do, it's what I like, some might even go so far as to call me a “mouse potatoe”. So these are the links that I've accumulated this week. Good sites, fun sites, and sites that I go to all the time:

TWiT.tv – relaunched and slightly rebranded. I love the new look, and I really like the embedded player.

Ted Serbinski's TWiT.tv redsign blog – One of the guys behind the revamp of TWiT.tv. Because of this site I finally figured out what I am, I'm not a web designer, developer, or designeloper, I'm a web architect! I think I may even have a HeadsDown business card that says that. From Ted's “About Me” page:

he’s not just a web designer, but a web architect. he understands the process from start to end (is there ever really an end though?), inside and out. database schemas, to information architecture, to complex PHP XML parsing functions, to Photoshop skills, to whatever is thrown his way. nothing ever too much.

Drupal – The publishing tool that's powering TWiT.tv

ArkTyp – Amber McCarthy's team who helped design TWiT.tv

Joomla! – Another publishing tool that's really nice to look at.

UFO's – Unobtrusive Flash Objects. Very cool. Very valid.

Stop HobbyStar – A little side project of mine which is aimed at getting HobbyStar marketing to stop their agressive tactics.

Bleeding Star Clothing – I'm loving that “Grunge club” look these days. It's oh so 2006 don'tcha know?

Hazmat – Grungy, gritty, and totally crazy. Love the look. I love the vectors combined with photography look.

Embedding Flash in HTML (2006)
With the Eolas patent lawsuit this is yet another problem we have to deal with. Crappy.

Ars Technica
I used to visit this site quite a bit, a recent overhaul and makeover has made it awesome.

Flash vs Windows Media: Choosing the right format
It's a big question for us streaming media types. What's the right way to go?

SDCC 2006: San Diego Comic Con International
I heard the HobbyStar show referred to as Nerd Prom…but come on, what's the more nerd prom? The largest convention in North America, or the 5th largest comics convention in North America?