April is shaping up to be one of my busier months in quite some time. Let’s take a quick peek at it shall we?

HeadsDown work:
First up is The Shuster Awards website. I did up three designs the other night, and I hope to have the site coding done this week (pending approval of course).

I’m also going to be working on another website over the next couple of weeks.

Ryan and I are finishing up templates and such for HockeyUpdater. I’ll then start moving on to finally coding all of the Writer’s Quill templates.

This site is moving over to the HeadsDown tools this week (maybe even this weekend), so if you see some hinky-ness, that’s what’s going on. When I move the site over, I’m going to implement one of my new layouts, and maybe add the ability to incorporate different style sheets.

TSN.ca work:
We plan on relaunching the home page with an all new CSS based design before the middle of April.

The Toronto Film Challenge 24 hour film project is April 2nd from 9:30am-9:30am Sunday.

Of course Sunday night is WrestleMania.

The following Friday night, April 8th, Charlene and I head off to Niagra Falls for a little “us time” for a couple of days.

The weekend of April 16th, Ryan, John and I are going to Las Vegas from Thursday night, and getting back around 6:00am Monday morning.

The next weekend I’m free (so far), but the last weekend in April is the Toronto Comicon. I plan on going on the Saturday with Liam and the Large Father, and I’m going to help a friend on Sunday.

Toss in my 9-5, our first ultrasound, an appointment with the colour decorator, and that’s a full month!

Of course all of this will prepare me for May, which has the highlight of 24 hour comic day! On May 24th, I plan on spending 24 hours writing and drawing 24 pages of comic art, which I will then start posting once a week on Chronicology. Hopefully it will be the kickstart I need to start doing a weekly strip.