The internet is all full of all manner of wonderment and amazeness.

Dave Werner's portfolio
A 26 year old kid who went to the Portfolio Center in Atlanta and came out the other side as “one to watch”. Holy crap. I've never seen such an inspiring and amazing work of art.

Okay Samurai
Dave Werner's site with writing and such.

The Making of Copper
Kazu Kibuishi's spectacular comic is demonstrated step-by-step. His colouring process is fascinating, but pretty standard.

This week I picked up two books on how to colour digitally, it's a pretty cool process.

The Women of Comics
Diana's doing a great job updating the site, and the Women of Comics symposium will be pretty cool next week.

All New Comics
We relaunched the site on Monday, the new site looks great, and is working wonderfully. Subscriptions will be finished this week. I love this site, kudos to Ryan for all of his work, he's good people.

I've got Serenity on in the background as I write this…which may explain the antiquicated writing style and what have you. Joss Whedon is brilliant.