Good News/Bad News

A few months ago I got a new HP iPAQ 3115. I really like it, although it doesn't really like my Samsung Access Point (but then again, nothing other than the Samsung Wireless Card really likes that particular Access Point). This week in Cannes, Microsoft has announced the latest version of Pocket PC.

Windows Mobile 5.0 will be available soon for the Pocket PC platform. Apparently there are all kinds of gui updates, and some significant back-end updates such as support for USB 2.0 (of course this probably means all new cabling/cradles).

<a href=""PocketPC Magazine has a great article on Windows Mobile 5.0 and what we can expect.

HP has already announced that they will have Windows Mobile updates for several of their units…but so far the 3115 isn't on that list.


By Brian Garside

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