Googling your own name

I was looking for my listing of my 20 favourite movies of all time (the site seems to be dead, so there goes my dream of knowing what I like), so of course I googled my name.

One of the links I found was the Liberty Forum, which I KNOW I have never posted to, and this quote was there: “I swear, comics [are] a sickness…much like heroin, only heroin’s cheaper, and I don’t end up with 12 versions of the same damn thing in my house.” –Brian Garside.

Turns out a guy going by the name of Green Goblin is using this (which I believe I posted on once) as his sig. I thought it was pretty funny that I’m being quoted around the internet.

Does this mean I’ve “made it”?

By Brian Garside

Brian is a digital experience expert, and part time internet superhero. He focuses on digital first design, digital strategies, content management, website usability, and user experience. He was part of the team behind BalanceDo, the co-founder of All New Comics, and the chief strategist at NorthIQ.