The original BatmobileAnybody who knows me knows two things about me. 1: I’m not a big car guy, and 2: I love comics. So what happens when the love of one overcomes the apathy of the other? I become a car guy for a day!

On Saturday my dad and I went to the Fleetwood Country Cruise in at the Plunkett Estate just West of London.

As we arrived the Bat-Copter was coming in for a landing in a small field (about half the size of a football field) with trees all around it. My dad found us a great vantage point and I took some great photos of the Bat-Copter coming in for a landing, with Batman himself Adam West in the passenger seat!

I grabbed a few pictures as the Bat-Copter settled down and the designer of the Batmobile, BatCycle, and BatCopter George Barris came to meet Adam West accompanied by Julie Newmarr, and we headed out wandering.

My dad figured we’d be there for half an hour, and I had estimated an hour or so, but we ended up going by pretty much every car over the next three hours. I got some spectacular photos, and we had a lot of fun looking at cool cars.

After seeing a 1984 DeLorean which I remember totally drooling over in high school, and after he had pointed out the eighteenth cool 50’s car, I commented to my dad “the cool cars I grew up with kind of suck compared to your generation’s cool cars huh?”.

All his stuff had tails and big block motors, and cool chrome, and wicked detailing…and I get gull wing doors.

I did kind of settle on a few cars that are my favourites.

The Dodge Charger, such a great looking car with an amazingly cool profile. It looks like it wants to run.

The Dodge Challenger, not quite as cool, but still muscly.

The Chevy Nova, because my grandpa owned one when I was a kid, and I still think it looks cool.

The Batmobile…because hey, it’s the Batmobile!

One of the coolest things about the whole show was that Steve Plunkett’s estate is kind of what I picture that an estate would be like if I owned one. He’s got a golf course there, but he really just uses it for this show. He’s got horses, which would be cool, and he’s got a massive garage for all of his toys (the dude owns thirty something Cadillacs of his own). His house is big, but it doesn’t seem over the top. The most spectacular thing is the landscaping that he’s done around it, with an amazing reflecting pool, a stream that runs through the property, and a little pond kind of landlocked in the middle of the golf course.

The fact that he does this whole show for charity is kind of icing on the cake.