Charlene and I are off this week and doing some home improvements. Our list includes, painting the garage, installing some garage shelving, adding crown molding to the kitchen, painting the kitchen, and maybe, doing some shelving in the basement. What I didn't expect is that a few simple projects would cost me an arm and a leg!

So far I've spent over $200 on paint, and at least another $200 on wood and various lumber supplies. I've rented a nail gun (best…investment…ever), and I've probably spent another $80 or so on various gadgets and trinkets (rollers, paint brushes, scrapers, putties, caulking and various other goos.

We've got the kitchen mostly painted today, and tomorrow my dad and I will start working on the crown molding and painting the trim. It's cool to see what a difference a little paint makes, the kitchen already looks totally different. The crown molding will hide the speaker wire in the ceiling (Char's dad dropped wire down the wall into the basement and then up the other wall to my stereo. I rean the wire along the ceiling to the new in-wall speakers that are in the kitchen.

It's hard work though, my poor baby soft hands are red and sore. My arthritic fingers in my right hand are throbbing and achy. My neck is stiff, and my abs…who knew I had abs? Plus my feet…my poor feet, why are they so sore?

Hopefully by the end of tomorrow the kitchen will be done and I can finish up the garage Thursday morning and take Friday off. I really need to just chill and do nothing at some point this week, maybe bust out the sketch book and do a little recreational painting. That would be cool.