Way back in October I decided I was going to do 52 posts in 52 weeks this year.  An average of post a week on my blog doesn’t even sound unsustainable.

So how am I doing?  I’ve added 18 posts since October 22nd, and 25 weeks have passed since then.  I’m only 7 posts short of my goal.  Not too bad, I can make up for it with a few two post weeks.

It’s not like I don’t have plenty to talk about. Just look at my Facebook statuses, I post a couple or three times a day.  Just looking back on the last month there’s plenty of material. I was in New York for my first time, we went to a pancake festival that had no pancakes, I’ve put a major focus on design again, Roger Ebert and Jonathan Winters died, I saw Evil Dead, Info-Tech won Best Workplaces in Canada (again), we went to an awesome restaurant in Waterloo, Maks’ mad drawing skills, and the best moments from the now departed Lucasarts.

That’s in addition to the 20 or so drafts I have between my drafts bin and Evernote.

So I need to get on the blog train a little more often, but it’s definitely possible to meet my 52 in 52 challenge.

  • Album of the Week: Metric – Synthetica
  • Comic of the Week: Walking Dead 109
  • Podcast of the Week: Fatman on Batman with Stan Lee
  • TV Show of the Week: Game of Thrones – I was actually able to watch the most recent episode without needing WikiPedia to understand what was going on.
  • Movie of the Week: The Evil Dead – Better than the original, not as good as Evil Dead 2 or Army of Darkness.  Could really have benefitted from a musical number or two.
  • Website of the Week: Starting and Sustaining