Yep, Utah. Park City Utah to be precise, home of the 2002 Winter Games (well anything that took place on a mountain anyway). It's about half an hour outside of Salt Lake City, and is a place of wireless internet connections, natural beauty, and tons of talk on Analytics during the Omniture 2006 Summit.

Right now I'm playing a little bit of hooky as I should be over in the main lodge having breakfast, but I've taken the time to sit in my hotel room and respond to some emails that have gathered. There are two talks I want to sit in on today, but other than that, my day is looking pretty relaxing.

So far, I can't believe how much I've learned, or how we've lived without the Omniture product at TSN. It will let us analyze all sorts of data including traffic patterns, how people get to us, where they go on the site, things that we simply don't have the abilities to do anything about right now.

In addition to that, I learned a ton from a panel yesterday on Media websites. It's amazing how little I knew before coming here, things like the Flattening of the web, the rise of search as a main means of navigation, the death of the homepage, and the rise of single story entry pages.