Well, you knew it couldn’t last. This ole website and I have had a great run, but it’s time for me to move it on to greener pastures and close up shop here.

In the last few years this site has gone from being Tales from the Darkside to Tales from the Garside to Chronicology (the life and times of Brian Garside) to its most recent incarnation, Radical Hive – From the Hive Mind of Brian Garside.

The thing is…Radical Hive was never meant to be my blog. It was originally meant to be much more, a collective, a hive, a group, or even a tribe. It was never meant to be just mine.

That’s why for the last few months I have been building up GarsideWeb, and this site will now be brian.garsideweb.com.

I’ll be closing the doors and turning off the lights here in the next few days, putting up a splash page, and calling it a day.

I expect that Radical Hive will return in about 4 months, but it will be very different.

Join me on my website, and let the good times roll!