The sound you are hearing is a HUGE sigh of relief. On Friday night we sold our house. Although there are two conditions, condition of insurance, and condition of inspection…and a condition of sale on the couple's existing house which will be firmed up on Thursday…for all intents and purposes, our house is sold!

It was an incredibly nerve-wracking, and tremendously disruptive process. We had around 15 showings, including 5 last weekend alone and another 3 last week (meaning that over 50% of our showings happened in the last 5 days), and in the end we settled for a tiny bit less than asking price…but we're tremendously happy.

We agreed to a March 16th closing, but I think we're going to try to get bridge financing for a week or two to allow us to move to London relatively worry free.

Of course now comes the fun part. We need to pack, find 2 lawyers (one in London, one in Toronto), find a moving company, figure out any improvements we need to do before moving in (such as painting the basement floor, or garage floor), make sure cable/phone installation is done, and find a new dishwasher.

But it's done, and as soon as the first week of March we will be living in London! That's good news any way you slice it.