I picked up my copy of the Star Wars trilogy on DVD today on my way into work (right after my doctor’s appointment where I found out I’m healthier than an ox, with a Cholesterol level of merely 4.8, and a bad cholesterol level of only 2.6 (5.2 total, and 3-4 bad is traditionally “bad”). The DVD’s are excellent with amazing colour and clarity.

I really wanted them in order to see the special fourth disc which has a ton of special features, including an awesome 2 hour documentary on the making of the first three movies, and a really cool piece on next year’s “Revenge of the Sith”, all about the return of Darth Vader. There’s footage of Anakin getting all dolled up in Vader’s gear, and it looks awesome.

I really enjoyed the stuff on the lightsabres, apparently in the first movie they were created by having a spinning blade wrapped with reflective tape in the hilt of the blade, which reflected the light. In the scene on the Milennium Falcon with Luke and the target droid you can really see what it looks like.

I’m pretty happy with the purchase, definately a good buy.