Star Trek the Movie

Star Trek the Movie

I love a good science fiction film, and in the last decade there have only been a handful of really great ones. I also love the original Star Trek series, not enough that I know trivia, or would die if I ran into Leonard Nemoy or anything (though I would go mental if I met William Shatner). I love Star Trek 2, 6, and First Contact, because they’re sci fi first and Star Trek second.

The new Star Trek abandons all of the continuity of the original series, but keeps the archetypal relationships, the technology, and keeps the spirit of the original without being a slave to the cannon of the various Trek series.

JJ Abrams took all of the elements that worked, turned them up to 11 and discarded the rest.

The tag line is “Forget everything you know.”, and it’s appropriate because in the first moments of the film a paradox is created that literally negates everything that came before.

We’re introduced to a Starfleet that seems much more interstellar, and an aesthetic that seems inspired by Apple. We meet Kirk and Spock as kids, and Bones later as a young adult.

The film is dizzying in the amount of ground it covers, yet it balances this with moments of levity and high action.

While Wolverine was the official opening of the summer movie season, this is the true beginning of the blockbuster season, and I won’t be surprised to see this flick do Dark Knight numbers.