Last week High Fidelity, a movie I've seen a couple of times now, was on TV, and I ended up staying up until 2am to watch it. It got me to thinking about a recent blog post I'd seen elsewhere about the top 5 movies that you can watch again adn again.

Ocean's 11
It's the epitome of Vegas cool, and made me want to go to Vegas so bad. Every time I watch this movie I want to go back. It also makes you just want to hang out with George Clooney and Brad Pitt, just hang with them, have some cocktails, and a good time. It also led to Ryan John and I deciding to go “Danny Ocean” style to Vegas last time, 1 bag, suit on. Of course I went in a suit 1 bag, John and Ryan took full on luggage. Guess who was laughing when Ryan and John were standing at the luggage check while I was already getting my gamble on?

The Matrix
If this is on, I will watch it. It's the movie I use to make sure that my setup rocks, and it's just AWESOME! Too bad about the sequels.

Office Space
Ummm yeah, I'm going to need you to go ahead and come in on Saturday.

Legends of the Fall
What does it say about me that 2 of my favourite movies to watch again and again have Brad Pitt in them? I don't know why, but whenever this movie's on TV, I'll just sit there and get sucked in again.

The 5th Element
Such a great sci-fi movie. It was on a little while ago, and I had forgotten how much I love this movie. I never bought it on DVD, but I'd love to own it.

That brings me to a whole other thing, I haven't bought a DVD in ages, not because there's nothing to buy, but because I don't know what format is going to win. There's some stuff I'd really like to own, but do I buy it on DVD, HD DVD, or Blu Ray? Who even knows. Folks say Blu Ray is going to win, but considering that Blu Ray is literally 100x more expensive to manufacture than HD DVD, I have a sneaking suspicion that HD DVD might not be out of the running yet.