My iPad

My iPad

The iPad has been out for a year now, and while I enjoyed playing with one when it first came out, I didn’t pick one up.

I’m what’s traditionally known as an “early adopter”. I built my first PVR in 2003. I bought a TiVo on eBay and hacked it to work in Canada in 2004. I’ve owned all manner of Palm Pilot (a Handspring Visor which I had to fet imported from the United States), Compaq iPaq’s, Windows CE devices, iPods mini, classic, touch, iPhone, and even a Microsoft Zune (and just so we’re clear, I think the Zune software is far superior to iTunes, and the wireless syncing was one of the coolest features).

I promised myself that I’d wait for the second generation iPad, once the kinks were worked out, plus having dropped 20k on our basement last year, funds were tight.

So imagine my surprise when I won one last month?!? Of course I promptly took it back to Future Shop and traded it in for a gift card.

Which brings me to the launch Friday, standing outside Future Shop waiting in line for an iPad 2.

I only stood in line for an hour, but the North London FS only got 60 units in, so supply was tight (1 unit per customer). I opted for the 32gb black wifi unit, and I really dig it.

I got home and immediately loaded it up with my favorite iPad apps (a full list coming soon), and it quickly became exactly what I had hoped, my major content consumption device, and what I, usually have on me for quick emails, quick web searches, and most of my social browsing.

I don’t know if I’d pay full pop for one, but as an extra screen, I find it pretty valuable. As whiny as this sounds, it’s a little heavy for reading, and the back light bugs me when I’m reading.

As I write this, I’m on the train, coming from Toronto, and I haven’t put it down (plus my iPad is WAY lighter than my laptop). I cleaned my inbox out, did a bunch of document editing with Documents To Go, read some social news with Zite, and read the latest Wired magazine (which is amazing).

So it IS a magical device, it does a lot of things I can do on my laptop, and there are apps that can make me even more productive. plus, ten hours of battery life! I’m still at 45% juice after an entire day, most of it online!

One downfall though was that I really didn’t like the magic cover, which fell off constantly, and was always closing up. I took it back quickly, and I’m still looking for a good case to protect the iPad, and elevate it to being more user friendly for typing and reading.

Overall though, I’m a big fan, and I see the iPad belonging in my “getting things done” arsenal.