Here are my official new year’s resolutions for 2005:

More, better HeadsDown

Make more websites for HeadsDown, make them better, and get the business fully off the ground. 2003 was a building year, 2004 was a refining year, 2005 is the year we make this turkey fly!

Learn some cool skillz

Judo skillz, numchuck skillz, computer hacking skillz (props to Napoleon Dynamite). I want to learn how to do wood stuff on my own. How to make cabinets, book cases, that kind of stuff.

Make our house a home

Our house is currently just a big beige box. Some colour, a few pictures, some book cases, maybe some real furniture. That kind of stuff will make a house a home.

Chronicology, bigger, better, and in the real world

Chronicology has taken over the online world, now I gotta make it take over the real world with both the comic version and the book version.

More comics, made by me

I want to have at least one 22 page comic done by the end of the year.

The end of 1997

Project: 1997 needs to be done by the spring, and the training needs to begin.

Those are my resolutions. Let’s see how I do.