If you’re using Firefox (and honestly, why aren’t you if you’re not???), then you should see the new little favicon in your tab window. If you’re using Internet Explorer (go get Firefox already) just drag this site into your favourites (grab the little “e” in the address bar into your “Favourites” area on the toolbar, and it will create a favourite with the icon).

It’s just a little thing, but I think it’s kinda funny having the cartoon me on my header.

It’s funny, but going through my favourites, I’m amazed by how many I recognize not by the name of the favourite, but by the icon associated with it. My favourite ones are;

Wired News – the “W” logo from their name

Pocket PC Thoughts – a great looking little Pocket PC

DC Comics – an awesome DC Bullet

TiVo Canada – the TiVo dude

Dooce – a stylized “D”

Dave Shea’s Mezzoblue – the little dot logo

SimpleBits – an awesome soft looking square

StopDesign – the cool Stop Design logo

Zeldman.com – Jeffery’s mugshot from “Designing with Web Standards”

Okay, enough “work” for now, back to Halo 2 (that’s right, I broke down and bought it for myself).