My 2010 Resolutions

My 2010 Resolutions

Well, since this is the year that our robot overlords come online and we make contact with alien life forms I guess I better shape up quickly.  As is the usual rigamarole, I’ll review what I resolved to do last year, and what I actually did.

2009 was a pretty big year for our little family. Maks went from being a bag of need to a real little boy, Kaylin has become a big girl in her own right and started school this year.  Somehow Char has done a great job of holding everything together. We got a start on our basement (it’s framed, wired, and drywalled, mudding happens this week, paint and carpet later in the month). At work we got our website redesign completed and started transforming the rest of the business, and I took on a new gig (Executive Producer…or a similar title to be named later).  Oh, and All New Comics pretty much doubled our business again in 2009.

Not a bad little run of a year.

2009 Resolution Review:

  1. Get in better shape
    Great success, I’m in much better shape right now than I was this time last year. I hit a high of 247 last year, and I’ve whittled that down to 232 right now with an aim to be under 200 by the summer.
  2. Make hard business decisions
    Not exactly. I’ve made some decisions, I just need to follow through with them this year. This is the year where I do something big, I’m just not sure what it will be yet.
  3. Get organized
    Better, but we still have a ways to go. Finishing the basement will really help this.
  4. Budget better
    Mission Accomplished! Fly the banner, wave the flag. We did pretty well, although we’re not doing anything formal. That might be a good goal for this year. We got our payments down to just one (our mortgage), and we’ve budgeted pretty well for our basement reno. We’re well on our way with this one.
  5. Make a web comic
    Major league fail! I did nothing on this front

Wow, I kind of sucked. I accomplished one or two things, and partially did a couple others, while failing to do anything about two items.

Maybe the problem is that I had too many goals?

2010 resolutions

  • Get in shape
    200lbs by August. Let’s make a go of it this time.  By February I would like to be at 225, which is a totally reasonable goal (about 7 lbs), I just need to apply myself.  The belly off club is providing motivation.
  • Build a business
    I’ve got a couple of ideas, and I need to get one of them launched this year. I’d like to build something from scratch and start playing with it on the weekends to see where I can take it.
  • Draw something every day
    I have all of these sketchbooks,a tablet, and a scanner, drawing is one thing I really enjoy. Every day I need to do a sketch, and once a week I need to post it to my blog.  Everyone get on my case if I don’t have something up this Sunday.  Thanks!

That’s it.  Three goals. One about my physical health, one about my financial health, and one about my artistic health. Those are good goals, and ones that should be achievable, so let’s get to them!

UPDATE – I’m adding a bonus goal. “Be More Zen”. In 2009 I started reading some Zen stuff, and I’d like to continue on that path, I would like to live the “mind like water” mantra and begin down a path to enlightenment.