This is my annual resolutions list, this year it’s going to be a simple one, with very few things, there will be the standard ones (get in shape, do blah blah business, do something to make me happy), and a maybe a surprise or two? 2010 was a big year again. I made a pretty big decision (which I’ll address in resolutions), met some awesome people, realized what I want to do with my life, and our little family continued to grow. Kaylin has become an awesome little girl, and Maks is growing up into a pretty great little guy (although the “terrible two’s” are hitting him right now). So how’d I do on my goals?

2010 resolutions

  • Get in shape 200lbs by August. Let’s make a go of it this time.  By February I would like to be at 225, which is a totally reasonable goal (about 7 lbs), I just need to apply myself.  The belly off club is providing motivation.
  • Build a business I’ve got a couple of ideas, and I need to get one of them launched this year. I’d like to build something from scratch and start playing with it on the weekends to see where I can take it.
  • Draw something every day I have all of these sketchbooks,a tablet, and a scanner, drawing is one thing I really enjoy. Every day I need to do a sketch, and once a week I need to post it to my blog.  Everyone get on my case if I don’t have something up this Sunday.  Thanks!

I added a bonus of “being more Zen”, which I strayed away from for a few months but recovered towards the end. It’s funny how Zen has become my “crisis mode”, when I’m frustrated or panicked, I try to focus on the whole “be mindful of yourself” stuff. Hrm, wow, I kind of sucked, 1 for 3. The “get in shape” goal, I started the year out at 232lbs, and right now I’m 236. Definately need to work on that one. Build a business. Turns out I was totally off on what I was going to do. With that said, I made some huge strides.  I sit in my office with a half dozen huge pieces of paper that are outlining what is going to happen this year.  I’m pretty stoked about this idea, and how it will shape up. This year I’m going to incorporate TWO different companies (by the end of January), in order to do two different things. The one (for Char and I) should have been done long ago so that we can keep our freelance stuff under a corporate umbrella and take advantage of some tax savings. Draw something every day.  I do this pretty much faithfully, but I don’t get to post most of it.  I need to figure out how to reduce that friction. I do a LOT of sketches on sticky notes, and have a pretty cool wall of stickies at work right now.  Now to figure out how to get those onto a web site. Here it is, the list of 2011 goals.

2011 Goals

  • Get back on the blog I miss writing here, I need to get back in the habit of blogging, because when I start writing, it flows naturally. I’m going to start by writing a monthly Belly Off Blog posting, which will tie into #2
  • Get in shape Go to the gym 3 times a week, watch what I eat, bike to work in the summer.  Let’s set that goal of 200lbs for 2012 and see where I get. – Blog with the Belly Off Weblog
  • Wrap up and start a business I’m moving on from one business (details to come out later this month), Ryan and I have basically wound down HeadsDown, and I’m starting up something brand new this month.  Char and I are going to incorporate our own little company, and funnel our freelance stuff through there.  Let’s get this stuff done. – Blog with “Business Brain”
  • Finish the basement It’s soooo darned close.  I have drawers in the office to complete, I’ve got shelves in the rec room to finish, painting to do (trim, and a final coat on the walls), but we’re so close down here. Get this finished by May and I’m laughing. – Blog with “Constructing a life”

I’ll leave the whole “be more Zen” on here too. There’s the standard things like “be a good father, husband, son”, and all of that groovyness too of course.