This week has been pretty busy so far. We painted on the weekend, re-organized the house, bought and installed nearly a dozen light fixtures, took care of a sick baby, and bought a new house…and so far it's only Tuesday!

On Saturday and Sunday my parents came down and along with Char's brother Dennis, sister-in-law Tina, and sister Sharon, we painted and cleaned the house top to bottom. Dennis, dad and I painted the Master bedroom, ensuite, 2nd bathroom, hallway and office.

I re-painted the 2nd bathroom Sunday night (because the blue we painted it was just totally wrong, so I repainted it green).

Char and I “edited” all of the rooms to have just basics, our basement is now practically FILLED with stuff, which will take us a few more days to edit down (not to mention a few dozen trips to the dump).

Sunday night Kaylin got sick, vomiting and running a fever, so she stayed with me on Monday, and I only got 2 light fixtures up (Living room and hallway).

Monday was mostly spent with Kaylin sleeping on my chest. Not that I'm complaining, I love that little munchkin, and it was actually kind of relaxing to be stuck on the couch with her sleeping on me.

This morning I put up the kitchen light fixture, and threw out a bunch more stuff, the photographer came by and took some photos, and we packed Kaylin up and headed out to London.

In London we went to Oakridge Crossing, and looked at a pair of houses by Reid's Heritage homes. After about an hour of comparing and contrasting, we chose to put a down payment on the Rosewood model, and if all goes according to plan, we'll be moving into it in late January.

Wednesday there will be a realtor's showing of our house by our agent Rick, and we're hoping that it will drum up some interest. We've put our house a bit under the market in the hopes that we can have a quick sale, and I have to say, sitting in our ridiculously clean office, I want to buy our house…and I freakin' live here already!