Our house is a maze of boxes, our lives in a state of flux. The truck is booked, the service calls are scheduled, and the next phase in this exciting change is about to get underway…and we can't wait to get it all behind us. Seven more days and we'll be living in London.

This week has been bitter-sweet for both Char and I. She went to her old work for one final time with Kaylin, to say good-bye to former co-workers, and to give herself some closure. She said that walking through the doors one last time that the circle finally hit her. Six years ago when she first went through them she was unmarried, living on her own in Toronto. The last time she went through them she was pushing her daughter's stroller, married, living in Ajax, and getting ready to move again.

I worked my last day in Toronto on Friday. I'll probably visit from time to time, work out of the Toronto office once every few months, I'll be in Toronto for conventions, and I will definitely visit friends. However Friday was the last time that I worked in the city I've lived in (or a 20 minute drive away from) for the last 14 years. I did it up right however, I waited until 1:30 and walked up to Salad King for a final Thai meal in the T-Dot. No complaints there.

Now it's on with the packing. Our bedroom is mostly packed. I sit in my office which has everything on the floor around me (except the computer which I will save for last). The basement is coming along, and by next Thursday everything will start appearing on the 1st floor.

Thursday we go to the Lawyer to sign the final paper work, and on Friday we go to London to take posession of the house. I'm going to quickly paint the basement floor and set up some shelving, and then Saturday we make the move, and that's it. We're done.

We'll visit Toronto, but our days of living here are over. It's sad to me because we've made a pretty good life here. At the same time I'm really excited about London. There's so much potential there, there are tons of little side-projects I want to start, and we've got a great support structure already in place there with friends and family close by.

Here's to the next adventure.