Charlene and I went to see our house after going to the lawyer on Friday. As luck would have it, the door was unlocked, so we got to go inside, take some measurements of various kitchen things (like where the fridge, stove, and dishwasher will go), and take a plethora of pictures.

First off, there’s the house from the front. It was a gorgeous, blue sky day. Our front railing is now up, and all of the facia are done, giving the house the “finished” look from the front.

Next we go inside through the front doors into the living room and entry way. This big room is supposed to be the living room and formal dining room. We’ve decided to turn it into one big living room since we don’t see the need for a seperate living room, great room, dining room, kitchen. This room will be carpeted.

Next is the kitchen, which is next to the great room (no picture). The cabinets are all in, and the island with breakfast bar is complete. The kitchen and great room will be done in a light maple hardwood, and will eventually have a huge kitchen table, and probably a couple of comfy chairs for reading and the like. The kitchen has a cedar deck off the patio doors, which lead down a few stairs out back. We’ll eventually build a deck out here.

Upstairs (past our stairwell with unturned pickets), we have the master bedroom, with the three doors to ensuite bathroom, walk-in closet, and hallway.

Going down the hallway, we have the second bedroom, and the third bedroom (which will be the office until the basement is finished).

That’s the house, it’s pretty much finished, but we’re not living there yet…instead, we’re living in a basement, and going on a cruise. Not the worst fate that could befall a couple I assure you.

All these pictures were taken with our new Pentax Optio S40, which is an amazing little camera which takes incredible pictures (four times the resolution of my old Kodak DC215), and which is about the size of a deck of cards. I’m looking forward to printing these out for the “House collection” of photos that we’ve been building.