Vegas baby, VEGAS!Last year I checked something off my bucket list “Go to CES” as part of the Info-Tech crew who went to Vegas to cover the Consumer Electronics Show.  It was a great year to go.  CES 2012 was the last year that Microsoft would keynote, the launch of 4k and 8k TVs, and the first 55″ OLED TV.  We saw the end of Kodak, and the rebirth of Windows Phone, which would become Windows Phone 8.

On top of the show, I had some fun extracurricular activities as well.  I had the best sandwich from a truck ever, one of the best meals of my life, saw an awesome magic show, and one of the top 5 best runs at the Craps table I’ve ever had.

There were downsides too. We walked a ton, because cabs were nearly impossible to catch (and everywhere in Vegas is FAR).  In my wrap up last year, I talked about the horrible bandwidth, which prevented me from uploading video, and the fact that I came down with pneumonia shortly after returning from CES.

Reading all of the CES coverage a couple of weeks ago, I came to the realization that while I love Vegas, and want to go back, I don’t think I’d go back for another CES.

  • Album of the Week: David Usher – Songs from the Last Day On Earth
  • Comic of the Week: Saga #8 (they better stop teasing about The Stalk)
  • Podcast of the Week: 5by5’s Quit
  • Media of the Week: I have watched a TON of classic WWE documentaries on Netflix this week.
  • Website of the Week: I’ve been digging Forrst lately, which I didn’t even know existed until Zurb acquired them.  By the way, the Zurb Manifesto is one of the best things on the internet.