This whole situation makes you feel so helpless. Tonight I’m watching the ABC news because Peter Jennings is the only reporter who is halfway tolerable (though Dan Rathers is a close second with CBS) and they are talking extensively about the rescue aid. Firefighters, police, and even local steel workers have all pitched in to do what they can to try to find any survivors. This makes you realize the need that we as humans have to help one another, I want so badly to do something that can make a difference…somehow making the world a better place by building a sports website just doesn’t seem so important.

When I was younger I wondered what forces could inspire my grandfather to enlist in the army at the age of 17. This last couple of days, I understand. If the call went out tomorrow to enlist, I would be among the first in line. Not for revenge, but just to do something proactive rather than be a spectator.

Everything is playing out like a Hollywood Blockbuster, but I really hope it doesn’t end like one. I don’t want to see the bad guys dead. Death is the easy way out. I want to see them brought before a court, not one country’s court, but a worldwide court. They should be put on trial for war crimes, and they should be humiliated in their followers’ eyes. Killing them will make them martyrs. Exposing them as cowardly frauds will destroy them utterly.